Church History

Church History

History of The Apostolic Church

Opening services of Glory Tabernacle were held on Easter Sunday, April 21, 1946. 35 people gathered for service in a building on Sabine Pass Avenue, near Railroad Avenue (now Martin Luther King Parkway). Bro. Tracy Boutlier was the pastor. Light for the service was provided by coal oil lamps. In time, Bro. Boutlier bought land at 2650 Sabine Pass Avenue. The down payment was provided by his sister, Bessie Broxson, and their mother.


Bro. Boutlier left Glory Tabernacle in the fall of 1955. Bro. Stanton, the sectional Presbyter, discussed the future of Glory Tabernacle with Sis. Mildred DeVille, a pastor in his section. Sis. DeVille approached Bro. Albert Debes, a minister member of her congregation, about the possibility of him pastoring the church. Bro. Debes met the Texas District Board of the United Pentecostal Church, and was granted permission to assume the pastorate of the church. Bro. Debes had his first service there on December 4, 1955. In October 1969, after almost 14 years of service, Bro. Debes felt it to be God’s will to resign. In a duly called business meeting, the church assembly voted unanimously for Bro. Marvin L. Cole to be their pastor.


November 2, 1969, marked Bro. Cole’s first Sunday as pastor of the United Pentecostal Church of Sabine Pass Avenue (now The Apostolic Church of Beaumont), accompanied by his wife, Sis. Marie Barbee Cole, and children, Marvin Wendell, and Ruth Michelle (LaBrie).  There were 69 present in Sunday School that day.


In 1973, the church moved to Blackmon Lane, where two acres and larger facilities would accommodate the growth of the congregation. In 1977, the metallic sanctuary was built at that location, with seating for 400. In 1982, educational facilities, a kitchen, and fellowship hall were added to this facility.


A total of five land purchases at this location has given the church 12 acres on which to expand as God’s blessings continue. On October 19, 1997, the Church family moved into their beautiful new church home near the old facility, at 3333 Eastex Freeway. The sanctuary has seating for 1,000, and the facility includes a spacious Fellowship Hall with commercial kitchen, large educational wing, bookstore, multiple nurseries, office suites, and many other beautiful features.


Rev. Jason Sciscoe served with Bro. Cole as Co-Pastor of The Apostolic Church from 2000 to 2004. In 2006, Bro. Cole retired from pastoring the church after more than 36 years of dedicated service. Bro. James Pound was elected pastor and served until January, 2007.


Rev. Jonathan P. Elms was elected and assumed office of pastor on April 15, 2007. Under his and Sis. Brenda Elms’ Godly leadership the church anticipates continued growth and spiritual blessing.