Golden Plus (60+)

Golden Plus (60+)

(For EVERYONE age 60 and better…)


The Golden Plus Club is an extremely vital part of our church! They meet on a monthly basis for a meal and fellowship, and have enjoyed a number of trips, including Branson, San Antonio, Brenham, Woodville, Hodge’s Gardens, Nashville, and other locations.

If you are 60 or better, you are a member of The Golden Plus Club. Join us for a great time of fellowship!



Randy & Karen Hughes

Randy and Karen Hughes have been active workers in The Apostolic Church for more than 40 years.  As coordinators of the Golden Plus Fellowship, they lead monthly social gatherings of the “over 60” members.  Sometimes it’s a covered dish dinner at the church.  Sometimes the group eats out at a restaurant.  Sometimes there is a guest speaker.  The “over 60” members are a vital part of The Apostolic Church and are appreciated and respected.